How to Choose the Right Jazz Band To Suit your Special Event – Part I

How to Choose the Right Jazz Band To Suit your Special Event – Part I

In all my years of performing, it has become most apparent to me that a vast majority of people are unsure where to start when choosing the ideal jazz band for their event – in fact for most its like putting their hand in a lucky dip in the hope of a happy outcome!

Here in Sydney you are spoilt for choice. Jazz bands in Sydney are many, but finding the right band for your event can be mind boggling.

Whether you are organizing a large scale corporate event, an intimate wedding or a birthday celebration, choosing the right band has a significant impact on the success of your event.

As a Professional musician of 18 years, I would like to impart some knowledge to make your decision a less challenging task and to help ensure the band you choose will contribute significantly to the success of your next event.

Some points you need to consider before searching the web for your jazz band are;

1. The size of the room or space you are using
2. The amount of people attending
3. The formality of the event, eg; is it black tie, themed or casual?
4. The style of Jazz music required to enhance the atmosphere of your event
5. What instruments would you like?
6. Will a singer create the ideal atmosphere or just instrumental music?

Or a bit of both?

As there is a significant amount of information I would like to impart, I will elaborate on each point in 3 parts over the next 3 weeks- so stay tuned if you would like some sound advice on this topic!

Lets start with point No. 1…

If your event is being held in a large ballroom with 2-400 guests for Eg, a Soloist or Duo will have very little impact and in some instances may go un-noticed for most of your evening. The atmosphere they will create will be minimal. A Trio or Quartet is more suitable if the purpose is background music and a quartet or quintet is ideal if its for background music to start the evening and then foreground in the latter.

If your budget allows for a Quintet or Sextet (5 or 6 piece), they have a spectacular impact and ideal if there is to be dancing at your event.

If your budget doesn’t allow for anymore than a Trio and you would still love your patrons to enjoy a dance, the impact isn’t the same but it will still have their toes tapping and have them up dancing- with the appropriate repertoire. In this case it is important to ensure the band you hire has enough up-tempo jazz to accommodate.

A more intimate affair may require less obtrusive music – even in this instance a solo Pianist is nice but the impact is still minimal. Add a Double Bass and you have an instant visual impact, a cool groove if suitable and some rhythm when needed. A Bass doesn’t make the sound more obtrusive but rather adds more depth, more fullness and more interest.

A Jazz Guitar has a cool visual impact also. It has an authentic look and sound and sits well with a Singer and Double Bass. The 3 look great and sound great together.

A singer and a pianist has a great impact also but make sure your singer has enough ability and a great sound to carry it off. Add a Double Bass to the mix and you have a well rounded Jazz Band for your intimate affair – for either background or a bit of toe tapping and a dance or 3!

Hope this has been of some help to you all so far. Please stay tuned for plenty more next week.
Thanks for dropping by and dont hesitate to leave a comment or contact me at anytime!
Stay safe. x

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