How to Choose the Right Jazz Band To Suit your Special Event – Part 2

How to Choose the Right Jazz Band To Suit your Special Event – Part 2
Hello again and welcome back!

As promised I wish to continue with the second part of ‘How to Choose the Right Jazz
Band for Your Special Event.’

In this part I would like to cover points 2, 3 and 4…….

Just like the size of the venue, the amount of people attending can give you an idea of the size of the band that would suit perfectly. For example, if there are 100 people or more, once again a solo performer may have very little impact. In this instance a Duo is a good start, a Trio would provide more entertainment value (whether its background or not) and of course anything larger means a bigger impact again. A quartet can still play quietly if required and still add great entertainment value. A quartet is very likely to have a drummer – they use brushes for a quieter approach and then switch to sticks when more volume is required.

If the amount of people attending is less than 100 and its imperative the music is background, a suggestion of an ideal combo is Jazz Guitar, Double Bass and Vocals. A vocalist can choose songs that don’t require any ‘belting’ but still have an up-beat tempo to keep that background feel but still create an energetic vibe- if thats your preference. There are unfortunately some bands (but a minority in Jazz thankfully) that do not have the same understanding as others when it comes to ‘background music.’ Therefore you may need to stress the importance of the volume required. If the band doesn’t play to this level, its ok to approach them at the time of the event also to ask them to play softer (or louder).

For point 3 we are looking at the way a band presents and what type of Jazz music you require. Again there are Jazz bands who dress impeccably and others who have a more casual approach. If your event is black tie and the location is more up-market, then it is important of course that the band fits visually. Check out an artists gallery to start. Are their clothes nicely ironed for example, what about their shoes and hair? Is style an important consideration for your event? If so then I recommend you not only check out their gallery, but discuss this with the singer/band you are considering also.

If theres a theme to your party, some Jazz Bands in Sydney are happy to dress accordingly also. Again, if the band is quite casual in dress generally, then the costumes may be compromised also. Singers that take pride in their presentation are more likely to ensure their band members do the same. They are also more likely to dress to impress at this sort of event. The better their costumes, the better the entertainment value. If your event is a casual affair, you may want your band to dress the same. Although some band leaders have great intuition with their dress and their band members, I do still recommend you make them aware at the time of booking that casual dress or a cool relaxed style of attire is what you are wanting.

Moving onto point no 4. Some people aren’t aware that there are many styles of Jazz so Jazz bands in Sydney will vary quite considerably. Therefore its important to make yourself relatively familiar with their Repertoire if you are particular with the type of Jazz they will play.

Some bands may be more traditional than others, playing the Jazz classics in their original style and format. For some this may be spot-on and for others it may be too old fashioned. There are Jazz bands that are versatile and can perform in many styles- for example; I played at a gig requiring a 1920’s feel as the themed night was the era of the Charleston. Another required a more hip feel like the artists Michael Buble and Diana Krall which I am well practiced in also.

Some bands play Jazz standards and nothing more. And of course theres nothing wrong with this. I sing the same myself and love it. But if you would like something fresh thrown in the mix also but keeping in the genre of Jazz, make sure you have a good look at their repertoire or discuss this with the band leader or singer to ensure you get just that. As a well established and well researched singer I find it refreshing to include less well known Jazz numbers into my repertoire that are catchy and appealing also- not just for the requirements of my clients but also for my own enjoyment. So whether its a latin feel, a swing feel, a traditional feel, a dixieland feel, a more contemporary feel or a mix of them all, if you are particular about this, make sure you do a little research before making a booking to ensure your evening is the great success you are hoping for.

Well we are almost there! Only 2 more points to cover. I hope you are feeling more confident now to move forward with your booking and more optimistic about the entertainment you are about to choose.

Take care and happy days to you all…….Back soon!

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